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Behavioral Mental Health

Seek the Attentive, Skilled Treatment of Advanced Medical Practitioners

No one expects they will be affected by a mental or emotional health condition that requires the help of a psychiatrist, addiction specialist, or counselor. Anyone can have a behavioral mental health issue in their lifetime, and almost everyone does at some point, for a variety of reasons. If you suspect you are suffering from a mood disorder, anxiety problem, grief, substance misuse, or other emotional health problem, we can help.

Seeking help for mental illness does not mean you are weak; it means recognizing the problem is best suited to professionals. You may have a mental health concern if you experience:

  • Ongoing depression and sadness
  • Moodiness and shifting from happiness to sadness
  • Unexplained anxiety and panic
  • Grief after a sudden loss, like a death in the family
  • Inability to express your emotions, feeling numb
  • Uncontrollable crying, anger, or extreme emotions
  • Irritability and agitation when confronted
  • Inappropriate affect, such as crying during a happy movie
  • Or any other unusual problem that is outside the norm

Who Treats Mental Health Conditions?

Multiple mental health professionals can address your emotional wellbeing, from licensed counselors who talk to you about your problems or psychiatrists who can manage psychiatric medications. There is no shame in involving any or all of these professionals in your treatment. Just as you would need physical help for a condition such as diabetes, people need help with emotional problems like depression and anxiety.

At Mountainview Medical Center, you can be seen by a counselor, psychotherapist, marriage/family therapist, or psychiatrist who will work with other medical professionals to plan your treatment. Often, the first medical professional to notice a potential mental illness is the patient’s primary care doctor, who can recommend that a mental health professional become involved in your treatment, as they are the best-suited professionals to meet your needs.