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Seek Medical Attention for a Variety of Concerns from the Comforts of Home

Tele-medicine helps patients wanting medical care to see a doctor from the comfort of home. This limits unnecessary exposure to your peers and makes it so you don’t have to travel anywhere to get the treatment you need. Not all types of doctors do telehealth, but many do. For instance, doctors who monitor your health over time can check in on you through your tablet, smartphone, or computer via webcam consultations. Other doctors who may help you via Tele-medicine are behavioral healthcare providers, primary care doctors, and others who can assess your health through modern technology.

Why Telehealth Is Important During COVID-19

Many of our patients are understandably concerned about their health during the spread of COVID-19. Many are wary of leaving their homes. Many are worried about viral infections being spread from small towns to big cities and beyond. That’s why we encourage patients to consider their health and wellness and not come to our hospital unless they need in-person treatment. This helps people avoid illness, prevents them from transmitting an infection they might not know they have, and keeping our hospital hygienic while practicing appropriate precautions.

If you do need to come to our hospital in-person, please:

  • Wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth if you are aged 10 and over.

  • Be screened for potential COVID-19 symptoms before your appointment.

  • Practice social distancing in the waiting room, as we limit the number of patients in the office.

  • Respect the privacy of other patients and their reason for coming to our hospital.

  • Leave your home at the right time so you can make your appointment and see your doctor for your allotted time.

Decrease the chance of infecting others by only coming to our clinic if you need to do so.

To schedule a tele-medicine appointment with Mountainview Medical Center, please call us at (406) 547-3321.