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Acute Care

Mountainview Medical Center Helps Inpatients with Skilled Care

Certain medical conditions require patients to stay at the hospital, so they get adequate treatment from doctors and nurses who care. At Mountainview Medical Center, we treat acute and chronic conditions with the high-quality care our patients have come to expect.

An acute care stay provides patients with short-term treatment within the hospital. This includes services related to inpatient medical treatment such as surgery and for sudden conditions and injuries, or worsening chronic conditions. Acute means sudden or short-term and is the opposite of chronic, ongoing, long-term conditions. Typically acute patients stay no longer than three days in the hospital.

Our hospital is uniquely able to meet the needs of our rural community. Acute care takes many forms. It may begin with a trip to the emergency room through an ambulance, or it could be the start of a stint in our swing bed program.