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Financial Assistance

Mountainview Medical Center offers financial assistance to all our patients who cannot afford bills from our hospital. Financial aid gives eligible patients full or partial discounts.

This is a summary of the Mountainview Medical Center Financial Assistance Policy and the Application Process:

  1. Availability of Financial Assistance: Financial Assistance is available to all Patients determined eligible based upon Mountainview Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Policy guidelines and will receive help with their medical bill.

  2. Eligibility of Financial Assistance: Eligibility for Financial Assistance is based on their household income level and assets. Patients with household income up to 150% of the poverty level will receive a discount of 100%, up to 180% of the poverty level, patients will receive a 75% discount, and patients with a household income up to 200% of the poverty level will receive a 40% discount. No person eligible for financial assistance will be charged more for emergency or other medically necessary care than amounts billed to individuals covered by insurance. If you and/or the responsible party have sufficient insurance coverage or assets available to pay for medical care, you may not be eligible for Financial Assistance.

  3. How to Obtain Information: Financial Assistance applications, and assistance completing them if necessary, may be obtained in the following ways:

    1. You may obtain a free application at the clinic's registration desk or by contacting Nichole in Patient Financial Services.

    2. You may request to have a free application mailed to you by calling (406) 547-3321 ext. 124

    3. You may request a free application by mail at Mountainview Medical Center, PO Box Q, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645, ATTN: Nichole

    4. d. You may download a free copy of the Financial Assistance application and/or Financial Assistance policy from Mountainview Medical Center.

Please refer to the full Financial Assistance Policy for a complete explanation and details of Mountainview Medical Center’s Financial Assistance program.

If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact us for assistance.

A Special Thank You

On behalf of the MMC Board of Directors, administration, and employees, we would like to thank the Charles M. Bair Memorial Trust and the Charles M. Bair Family Trust for your continued support. MMC much appreciates the Charles M. Bair Memorial and Family Trusts for the years of partnership and financial assistance. We are honored to continue to have the opportunity to receive this funding along with a valued relationship