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Learn More About COVID-19 Testing & Treatment at Our Meagher County Hospital

Mountainview Medical Center is prepared to test, diagnose, manage, and treat viral infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Please share the following information with friends, family, and neighbors of our community.

Symptoms & Testing of COVID-19

Please call ahead if you feel as though you should be tested for COVID-19. We will ask you some screening questions with regards to symptoms and exposure.

Testing is by appointment only during designated testing times through-out the day.

Can I Come Directly to the Hospital for COVID-19 Treatment?

Please call the Hospital prior to presenting for care so that we can conduct a COVID screen and be prepared for your arrival.

Call (406) 547-3321 at any time of the day or night.

Come directly to the Emergency Department for any other health emergencies not related to COVID.

If you have medical emergencies such as an uncontrollable fever, shortness of breath, and severe dehydration, we recommend you come to the Emergency Department. We also advise patients to go to the hospital for other complicating diseases such as COPD, emphysema, or other respiratory disorders.

Please watch our website for any updates and instructions.

COVID-19 Resources