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24/7 Emergency Room

Get the Treatment You Need Close to Home

A medical emergency is something that is hard to plan for, but you can rely on Mountainview Medical Center to be there to help. Meagher County residents can count on us to provide high-quality medical care. In fact, we have the best quality scores not just in Meagher County, but across the entire United States. That means there’s no reason for you to travel 50+ miles away to see a doctor: Our full-service emergency department is just the right size to meet your needs.

When emergencies strike, you may think you need to find the biggest hospital in the state to help you – not so. Our Meagher County Emergency Room operates around the clock to help patients who have experienced unexpected medical issues, and we are just the right size to meet the needs of our population compared to larger hospitals with complex networks. We meet the needs of what, in other communities, would be an underserved population, because we care about rural-town Montanans.

Quicker Access to Emergency Care & Other Medical Services

When you need outpatient services far from major metro areas, Mountainview Medical Center will be there for you. Experts even liken “micro-hospitals” like ours to standalone emergency rooms, because we offer treatment for:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Broken bones
  • Chest pain
  • Traumatic sports injuries
  • High fevers
  • Severe cuts, wounds, strains, or sprains
  • Head injuries like concussions
  • Serious dehydration
  • Sudden abdominal pain
  • And more

At Mountainview Medical Center, we also can help patients who need treatment for other non-urgent medical situations and conditions.

Learn more by browsing our website, or call us at
(406) 547-3321 for further information.