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Foot & Ankle Care from Experts

Welcome to Mountainview Medical Center’s Podiatry department. Podiatrists specialize in the lower extremities: the feet and ankles, and how they support the entire body. The feet and ankles are anatomically complex, which is why podiatrists exist. Our premier podiatric services are offered by award-winning foot and ankle experts who care. We utilize techniques that relieve pain from a variety of issues.

Podiatrists treat the following conditions, among others:

  • Bunions

  • Hammertoes

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Foot bone fractures

  • Ankle sprains, strains, and fractures

  • Auto injury treatment

  • Tumors

  • Morton’s neuroma

  • Ankle arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Tibialis posterior disorder

Why Should I See a Podiatrist?

Many people see podiatrists when they want to get back on their feet, literally. The technology we use helps us perform several minimally invasive surgeries that only require a few tiny incisions. These minimally invasive procedures help patients feel better as quickly as possible without putting unnecessary strain on the body.